Our Business Portfolio


BRC’s impressive and growing business stable of successful Australian-born companies and technologies is outlined below. BRC plans to take all of our businesses global, but intends to ensure the manufacturing and IP remains in Australia, supporting locally grown innovation and locally acquired jobs.


3DMEDiTech has a state-of-the-art advanced additive manufacturing facility in Port Melbourne. 3DMEDiTech has exceptional experience in using 3D manufacturing technology to design and manufacture medical devices.


SmileStyler has developed the world’s best and first 100% digital clear aligner solution. A SmileStyler patient gets a better looking and fitting clear aligner, delivered faster and a treatment process that works every time.

BRC Developments

BRC Developments Building Australia’s future through collaborative partnerships


SERKEL produces innovative helmets for babies and Ankle Foot Orthotics for kids with cerebral palsy. SERKEL will expand rapidly into the orthotics market in Asia as it has already done in Melbourne.


HOOD uses AI to create the most efficient way of handling your moving needs. HOOD understands what is most important during your move so will keep you on track by always being one step ahead.


Hiro provides a range of trusted and quality home care, personal care and cosmetic care products. Great value products people love for themselves, their family and their home. We’re one of Australia’s largest cosmetics, personal care and household products manufacturers.

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