BRC is a private, early-stage technology and ideas business with a hands-on investment approach.

BRC identifies untapped innovation, then applies its network to deliver both commercial expertise and funding support to maximise the value of the idea.

BRC has built a unique blend of people and relationships, with a strong track record in building businesses and deep strategic capabilities.

BRC brings businesses and people together to create stronger communities for the future.



BRC has built an exciting portfolio of multiple medical, food and technology businesses.

The BRC approach to building a business relies on creative ideas and the right people. BRC brings to the table insight and understanding of the disruptive nature of technology and how it can be used to improve the status quo.

BRC is focused on the continual establishment and development of new ideas. Ideas typically take 2 years to be business ready and sale ready at 3 to 5 years.


BRC has a very simple but unique formula to create value:


CONTROL: Value is created by controlling the businesses we invest in. Control in the execution of ideas reduces risk and helps ensure success. Business control differentiates BRC in the Australian investment landscape.

GROWTH: The control premium is accelerated by investing in sectors with strong growth prospects. BRC is invested in health, wellness, food and aged care, plus moving millions of people through multiple businesses.

TECHNOLOGY: A strong technology overlay in each business further ensures value creation and the ability to rapidly scale.