BRC operates like an investment bank.

BRC specialises in accelerating Australia’s future focused in Sustainability, Technology and Infrastructure.

BRC identifies untapped innovation, then applies its network to deliver both commercial expertise and funding support to maximise the value of the idea.

BRC has built a unique blend of people and relationships, with a strong track record in building businesses with deep strategic capabilities.

BRC brings key Victorian business leaders, Government and the right people capability together to create stronger communities for Australia’s future.

BRC gets in early and creates value.



BRC has built eleven medical technology, technology platforms, advanced manufacturing, food, consumer products, infrastructure and sport businesses.

BRC businesses are already using AI, machine learning, additive manufacturing and robotics to disrupt the medtech and relocation markets in Australia.

Most importantly, BRC creates businesses that do good. We don’t hide behind glossy ESG and sustainability brochures, each BRC business actively makes our Australian community a better place.

The BRC approach of create and control with a community focus delivers a unique blend of risk and return and creates businesses that deliver good. The asymmetric nature of the BRC portfolio risk and return gives investors confidence that each business will be nurtured until ready for growth, plus the upside value from early stage investing.


BRC has a very simple but unique formula to create value:

V = CG

CONTROL: Value is created by controlling the businesses we invest in. Control in the execution of ideas reduces risk and helps ensure success. Business control differentiates BRC in the Australian investment landscape and as the portfolio grows, partnering with like-minded people and organisations is critical.

GROWTH: The control premium is accelerated by investing in sectors with strong growth prospects. BRC is invested in health, wellness, property, sport, food and aged care and growth is optimised by our people and technology overlay.